Forbes launches CryptoMarkets website aggregating the prices of cryptocurrencies


In its press release, representatives Forbes announced that they intend to launch a new aggregator cryptocurrency prices under its own brand, called Forbes CryptoMarkets.

The platform was developed in cooperation with private equity firm NewCity Capital and blockchain startup The portal is designed to provide information about pricing in real-time for top 200 altcoins sorted by market capitalization. This data will also be near the news on the latest developments in the field of cryptocurrency.

Commenting on the launch of the aggregator, CEO of Forbes Media Mike Fedel said:

“Forbes CryptoMarkets – new licensed the company’s business, is a natural extension of our powerful brand new company that will be able to provide investors, traders and market watchers a lot of valuable information.”

Trying to compete with CoinMarketCap

It is expected that the head of the new unit will be Chen Li, who currently runs a NewCity Capital. In a press release reported that the web site will display the information of cryptocurrency exchanges, including trading pair, the price and trading volume. In this respect Forbes CryptoMarkets directly going to compete with CoinMarketCap.

Although alternative platforms with similar user interfaces exist, such as CoinGecko and WorldCoinIndex, it seems that they obviously lack and aggregation of news content from Forbes, as the news service will be a key aspect of the platform CryptoMarkets and at the same time serve as a source cryptocurrency data in real time. In addition to publishing news from first sources, the portal will also contain a special section for stories from Forbes Media.

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