Founder Harmonyprotocol: IEO necessary startups to raise funds


Many believe that the IEO is just the evolution of the ICO with a new level of investor protection. But, according to one of the founders of the Harmonyprotocol, the initial exchange offer is a critical tool to raise funds for the new cryptoprocta.

In 2017, when Bitcoin raised its value to $20,000 as a result of huge jump, ICO was in the trend, attracting much interest from traders and investors. Oldoini were also on the rise, as the crypto-ecosystem has received enormous attention.

At this stage, kryptonyte undergoing another significant jump in interest now to the IEO considering that cryptoprotection finally came out of a protracted 2018 fall in prices.

Recent IEO Binance ONE Harmonyprotocol, and was a great success, and after starting the token continues to show growth. However, many crypto enthusiasts and investors are still skeptical to take IEO, especially after the failure of the ICO.

The need to reduce the centralization

Nick white, co-founder Harmonyprotocol, noted that the IEO may well be a “black box or a Golden goose”, but the concept underlying it, is significant. It can be considered as the evolution of the ICO, which was extremely important from the point of view of raising capital for bitcoin-based projects and startups, but white recognized that it cannot be considered “perfect system” of fundraising.

In his opinion, it is necessary to reduce centralization, as IEO is conducted on platforms the centralized exchanges and the attraction of investors is affected by the track record of crypto currency exchange. While Binance is the best exchange in this regard.

Recently, Stephen TSE, of Harmony, have declared that the token ONE is 99,19% of total trading volume on Binance DEX, making it the largest token traded on the largest decentralized exchange in the world.

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