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The Chinese company was sold for 10% of the cost after a secret transition...

Chinese construction company, Huatie Hengan, has been sold for less than 10% from its previously announced cost, according to the publication 8BTC. This happened after the company, according to some financial records wer..

Bitcoin experts expect that 20% of the cryptocurrency exchanges will be hacked by 2020

The largest Bitcoin (BTC) experienced a sharp drop in prices during 2018, in which the coin has lost 80% of its value since the historical maximum. In a report published Adamant Capital, lists a few key catalysts that co..

XRPL Labs launches mobile app for shop owners for making Ripple

Startup XRPL Labs supported by the division of developers Ripple — Xpring, recently launched a new payment app which will allow a greater number of owners of ecommerce stores and retail outlets quickly and easily accept ..

Tokens BNB Binance reached a new high after the announcement of Binance Chain

Own cryptocurrency Binance, tokens BNB, reached a new high, an increase of 81,49% with a minimum goal of $4,19 marked 52 weeks ago. As a result, the tokens of the project is now close to re-testing its historic highs of ..

John McAfee promises to disclose information about the person who created Bitcoin

John McAfee, Creator of McAfee antivirus, and a genius in the field of computer cyber security, has promised his fans that he will reveal the true identity of the person behind the creation of Bitcoin. In his previous t..