FSA plans to increase staff


The Japanese regulator has decided to increase the staff of the Agency for the financial services authority (FSA), which deals with consideration of applications of cryptocurrency exchanges to obtain licenses, since the demand increases every day and working now the team is simply not able to satisfy it.

Speaking at the meeting of the group dealing with study of the stock market, the Vice-Commissioner of the FSA, responsible for the coordination of national and Sasaki noted that at this stage, the Agency was faced with a big problem of staff shortages, as the number of applications from new operators of the stock market wishing to obtain a license to operate their crypto currency exchange in the country is growing very rapidly.

The number of those wishing to obtain a license is growing rapidly

Currently under consideration in the FSA is more than 160 filings awaiting decisions. They all filed by companies that want to run their crypotologic platforms after consideration by the regulator and approved.

At the beginning of the year, the Agency has considered 16 applications from kryptomere to obtain licenses from, but for hacking Coincheck, regulatory requirements have become more high and 12 operators were forced to withdraw their requests.

One of the applications were rejected by the FSA, and the remaining three, among them from the victim of the hacking of Tokyo cryptobiina Coincheck, are still being considered by the Agency. N a date, the command controller that controls the stock market and the reviewing of cryptomery, has a membership of 30 people. For the next fiscal year is planned to increase the staff of the FSA for a further 12 employees.

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