G20 countries plan to implement a single cryptostigmata


As you approach the summit of the G20 countries, intergovernmental organizations, among which the financial action task group (FATF), intend to discuss the possibility of implementing common standards for the regulation of scriptaction. The European Central Bank said that risks which are scriptactive to financial stability could be controlled.

Earlier this month, the FATF held its annual Advisory forum in Austria, which was attended by over 300 representatives of the private sector. FATF members are the 36 countries and two international organizations, including the European Commission.

The discussion focused on the regulation of virtual assets and the creation of a transparent business models, and the implementation of specific FATF recommendations.

The G20 is implementing global standards

G20 countries have expressed readiness to support the FATF in the development of global standards for combating money laundering, including cryptosphere because of technological innovations, including those that lie at the basis of virtual assets can bring significant benefits to the global financial system and the economy as a whole.

Among the countries that announced their plans to introduce standards set by the FATF, and Russia, which have yet to finalize a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies, as the President had to perform in July of last year, but the bills are stuck in the Duma, supposedly due to conflicting requirements of FATF. Now, the Russian President signed another decree on the introduction of cryptocurrencies in the country by July this year.

Japan, the host of the G20 summit in June, actively working on the implementation of global standards scriptaction. Last week the house of representatives took the country’s crypto bill with a number of the necessary resolutions to help other countries with regulatory standards kriptonyte. This issue will be discussed at the June summit, along with a wide range of regulatory measures relating to scriptaction.

Consent to the use of unified standards in cryptosphere expressed all G20 countries.

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