Giga Watt is preparing new proposals for mining equipment


The existence of many objective problems kriptonyte, where in recent years there has been a significant decline in the growth rate. But the company Giga Watt, one of the suppliers of computing hardware is not going to retreat, and announced increase in the rate of development. The company plans to expand the customer base by providing new opportunities to the user equipment, enabling output to increase profits.

The company has invested part of its funds in the construction of several mining farms and their own experience have come to the conclusion that it is not always the space of data centers efficient use for placement of the equipment for calculations.

Ready the equipment units from Giga Watt

So the team Giga Watt has created a special new Giga Pods, for easy placement of any computer equipment. These structures are prefabricated wooden racks from which you can create any frame.

On each design with sizes from 12 to 48 feet and can accommodate up to hundreds of pieces of high speed equipment, capable of producing about 14 Bitcoins per month. This pre-Assembly is designed to reduce the amount of electricity consumed and you can save significant resources for carrying out computational processes.

With the economical production of such complexes Giga Pods looks forward to working with B2B customers, just preparing to join kriptonyte. Additionally, the company intends to change the tariffs for the provision of services to reduce the costs of the miners in connection with the falling profitability of cryptogamic.

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