GMO has developed a 7-nm ASIC Minor B2 with high performance


The Japanese company GMO, which itself has a mining farm has developed its own ASIC miner created for the 7-nm chips. And, as the developers say, the performance of the new model Minor B2 70% higher than competitive Bitmain.

The performance of the ASIC miner is 24 TH/s and a power consumption 1950 watts. The exterior design was developed in Japan, but Assembly of the device will be done in Taiwan. The asserted value of the Minor of B2 is $1999. The pre-sale period starts June 6, and send the devices to customers will begin in late October.

The main desire of developers was to create a device which technical indicators will exceed S9 Antminer, Bitmain created, noted in his interview with Bloomberg, Masatoshi Kumagai, Director of the company.

The company provides a warranty for 180 days. The payback period of the equipment will be about six months. While Antminer S9 consumes 32% less energy and cost to 2.38 lower, with a payback in 4.5 months.

It is too early to summarize

Created on 7-nanometer chips Minor B2, of course, is of interest. But the payback period, despite all loud statements, it lags behind developed Bitmain Antminer S9. Therefore, prior to the development of the market, when it will be available to test in a real situation, it is difficult to determine much surpasses the established innovation model Antminer S9.

The presence of the 7-nm technology does not yet give special advantages, in addition to advertising to attract users, because the development have yet to recoup. After the delivery, you can determine how the performance of the Minor B2 above the competition and justify whether a device is its higher price of the specs.

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