Golden Gate Ventures has created cription volume of $10 million


The message on the establishment of a venture capital company from Singapore, Golden Gate, cryptofauna $10 million to invest in the development of cryptocurrency startups working with blockchain technology, today announced the local edition of Singapore Reuters.

The Fund, called LuneX Ventures established for investment in early stage international companies that are engaged in the creation of cryptocurrency exchanges and security issues of their work.

Investment funds are replacing small retail investors

The Fund’s investors are the largest owners of scriptactive and companies interested in the development of kryptonyte.

The Fund is among several similar enterprises have arisen in recent years for investment support projects in innovative cryptocurrency sphere created by wealthy investors and large companies. These funds have partially supplanted retail investors, whose activity has caused a rapid increase in the cost of Bitcoins in 2017.

Despite the fact that the cost of the most famous in the world of cryptocurrency has declined since that period more than doubled, its popularity does not lose its position among investors.

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