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Dissidents North Korea use the cryptocurrency to overthrow Kim Jong-UN

A group of North Korean dissidents called Cheollima Civil Defense, is working to overthrow the government and its leader, Kim Jong-UN using cryptocurrency, and it also sells papers future of free North Korea. According t..

Skycoin team explained the reason for the gap collaboration with John McAfee

Skycoin team issued a clarification after the famous cryptocurrency supporter of John McAfee announced the termination of cooperation with the platform as an Advisor to Twitter. After McAfee published ads on social netw..

Scammers have created fake BTC wallet Wasabi

Scammers have created a fake website of the popular Wasabi BTC wallet to which users are redirected when you download the version of wallet for Windows, so potential users should be more careful, downloading client for W..

Craig Wright said 666 on filing patent applications for the blockchain

Craig Wright and his firm Nchain Holdings, they claim, have filed a total of 666 patents at the moment with great pomp informing. Craig Wright, whose cryptosuite firmly attached the nickname "Faketoshi" for his constant..

The scammer has successfully used the vulnerability on the platform Augur

Platform rates Augur discovered the crooks who, taking advantage of the vulnerability of steel to make predictions on events that knowingly creating a void bet. As you know, launched in July of 2018 a non-profit platfor..