Hacked MapleChange announced a plan to refund users


After a lot of negative reaction on Twitter to the sudden closure of all operations at the exchange and lack of communication with customers after hacking the account MapleChange Twitter came back to life to reassure users and provide information about compensation funds.

As seen after the release of Internet communication, the exchange is ready to return altcoins, but will not be able to return the Bitcoin and Litecoin deposits.


However, these statements do not reassure customers, and they intend to go to the police to investigate the recent events of burglary. Representatives asked affected customers to contact individually via PM for decisions on specific claims. The exchange also announced the creation of a chatroom to accommodate requests for refunds.

According to the latest reports, the exchange has returned to some of the altcoins, such as TRTL, TYCH, B2B, SKX, WAE, SHIELD, CFCC and the DNR. The exchange is also working on all other claims, referring to the developers to determine the affected customers, and return the proper amount.

On the stock exchange also denied the rumors about the fraud and the loss of about 900 BTC in the hack, but are unable to explain why they went offline shortly after being hacked.Screenshot_2

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