Hacker returned to the Gate.io lost $100 000 after the attack 51% on the network ETC


Today, cryptocurrency exchange Gate.io released an official statement, which States that an attacker who recently performed the attack 51%, back ETC worth $100 000 back to the Gate.io.

In addition, the exchange is trying to contact the attacker, but still have not received any response. In its report, its members wrote:

“We still don’t know the reason for the attack. If the attacker didn’t use it for profit, it can be a white hacker who wants to remind people about the risks in the consensus of the blockchain and the need to comply with security.”

Gate.io also emphasizes that, based on their analysis, the hashing power of the network ETC are still not strong enough, and remains a threat to launch another 51% attack. The exchange increased the level of confirmation of transaction ETC to 4000 and began rigorous testing to provide increased protection from attack 51%, and also invited other exchanges that use ETC to take action to protect traders from rollback and reorganization of the blockchain.

The perfect end?

In the final analysis by the security team SlowMist and address of the criminals who organized the attack ETC 51% was marked and transferred to partners. This was done to prevent further attacks on other exchanges. The identity of the attacker can be established, if subjected to attack, the exchanges will be ready to cooperate and help.

The first information about the attack appeared on 6 January 2019, when SlowMist warned of the likelihood of attack ETC 51%.

In addition, Coinbase January 8 said in its official blog that they identified up to 15 attacks, 12 of which were to double, which amounted to 219 500 ETC ($1.1 million), noting that seven of the suspicious transactions were discovered rolled back.

According to the team SlowMist, productive results have been achieved thanks to the efforts of the entire community Ethereum Classic and therefore failed to reach an almost perfect finale.

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