Hackers broke into an official Twitter account lCSA to advance bitcoin lottery


ICC world cricket organization, admitted to hacking descriptor Cricket South Africa and asked users not to use the account until it is restored. Hackers used the handle to advance the fraudulent bitcoin lottery.

As the message on Twitter, posted the ICC, it all started about 4:20 IST on Monday, when the first tweet reporting:

“@OfficialCSA has partnered with @lunomoney for the first South African lottery Bitcoins. Just send the 0.01 BTC to the room 13My18T92DCzGdrtiCgRuS32T6rFLjnG56, and your wallet address BTC will be put winnings in the amount of 20 BTC. The raffle closes on the 15th of January at 10 o’clock in the evening”.

The first tweet was followed by several more on the same subject, until then, until the problem was discovered.

The number of cryptomaterial Twitter is growing

ICC, the world organisation for cricket, admitted committing burglary and asked users to refrain from participation in any promotions offered by scammers on Twitter, unless you receive further notification from the official website, noting:

“Please note that the account @OfficialCSA Twitter was hacked. Our friends in South Africa shall make every effort to quickly resolve the situation. Please follow the links and don’t use the account until then, until the situation is corrected.”

Hacking the official Twitter account of Cricket South Africa marked the first such attempt in 2019. The number of fraudulent transactions with Bitcoin and digital currencies is growing, especially in Twitter, the experts on cyber security, warning users not to fall for tricks fraudsters.

Experts say that you should always remember that in this world nothing is free, and if something looks too good to be true, it most likely a Scam.

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