Hackers from White Hat for the week are over $32 000 for the discovery of bugs in cryptoprocta


Not all hackers earn on theft and break-ins. For example, hackers White Hat who get paid to correct identified security vulnerabilities in different blockchain projects can earn more than $32,000 in a week is perfectly legal.

According to the latest reports The Next Web, hackers White Hat earned $32 150 for correcting errors detected in the security system various cryptocurrency and blockchain projects, which include Coinbase, TRON, Brave and EOS.

Only from March 28 to may 16, representatives from 15 related bloccano companies paid a decent amount of rewards to security researchers for fixing about 30 bugs, as officially presented the report.

The projects involved in the payment

So the company Omise behind the project OmiseGo, paid for 6 provided error reports, and Augur and Brave Software received 3 reports about fixed bugs.

The amount of compensation depends on the seriousness of the vulnerability, with the least amount of payment is $100, which paid Omise for each corrected error.

It was also reported that Block.One, the company behind the EOS, paid the hacker $10,000 for bug fix, as platform Aeternity.

TRON also used the services of team that once paid remuneration in the amount of $3100 to the security researcher who discovered that the network is susceptible to malicious attack on smart contracts, which could stop the entire blockchain.

The sad thing is that the activities of malicious hackers in recent time has reached an enormous level, and the number of hackers White Hat, as they say, remains stable.

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