Hackers have turned an account FEB Twitter fake account Coinbase


Hackers recently hacked the Twitter account of the Federation of enterprises in Belgium (FEB), a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to stimulate the interest of Belgian business. The scammers turned it into a fake account of American crypto currency exchange Coinbase, presenting on the home page and in the profile of the Coinbase logo and a link to the official website of the exchange.

However, the hackers failed to modify descriptor of account, which remained @VBOFEB what is the abbreviation of Association in French and Dutch. Later, after this account was published advertising campaign scams. The number of visitors to the account immediately increased within a day until it was removed.

Currently the logo Coinbase removed from this Twitter account, but retweets from the official Coinbase account still present in the feed. The scammers published a General model of promotion and asked subscribers to send a small amount of money in bitcoin to get huge sum in return, as a bonus action.

Scam 3000 Bitcoin

They reportedly asked subscribers to participate in the raffle of 3000 Bitcoins to note the increase in the number of users of Coinbase. According to the report scams, Coinbase’s user base is “30 000 000”. Considering that in October of Wounds Neuner found that the number of user accounts Coinbase has reached 25 million, the figure looked quite plausible, as the probability of holding the stock itself.

In addition to the descriptor Twitter account, other signs confirming that the account and the message was fraudulent, become grammatical errors and inconsistent formatting of numbers.

Fraudsters earlier and repeatedly used Twitter, appearing under various popular names such as Elon Musk and Charlie Lee. They artfully change the individual characters in the name of the original account, to convert it into Teikovo account.

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