Hackers in North Korea have started the hunt for individual Bitcoin investors


In response to the latest sanctions the U.S. and the UN against North Korea, it seems that the local hackers targeted its activities on the individual owners of the cryptocurrency.

As reported by the Chinese edition of the Morning Post, South Korean cyber security firm, Cyvepia recorded more than 30 successful hacker attacks on individuals involved in cryptocurrency, and its representatives say that they’re probably standing in the North Korean hackers.

And noted that the new goals were regular users, “invest in crypto-currencies”, and that there could be more than 100 attacks. Attacks on individual cryptomonadales are the change of orientation and a departure from previous methods, when the attacks were carried out against stock exchanges, the report said. Analysts say that in this way, Pyongyang is looking for a new source of income, after recent sanctions against its nuclear weapons programme.

Change of orientation on retail investors

“After the sanctions the U.S. and the UN against North Korea, the economy is in a difficult position, and scriptactive was a good opportunity,” said Simon Choi, founder of cybersecurity IssueMakersLab. According to Choi, the latest victims of hackers have become quite wealthy South Korean CEOs.

Growth hacker attacks due to the lack of places where one could complain after the attack, and where they could be taken effective measures. Usually hackers upload a virus to the device target e-mail attached to the text file, which after opening launches the malicious code could allow an attacker to gain control over user’s computer.

According to analysts, North Korea actively uses similar cryptoexplorer. Hacks, financed by the country amount to about 65% of all stolen cryptocurrency funds in accordance with the data Cointelegraph.

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