Hacking Binance has led to a reduction in the cost of BNB is 6% per hour and 18% in two days


Hacking the world’s largest exchange of crypto-currencies, Binance, has caused quite a lot of chaos in cryptosuite. After two days, the stock market managed to recover, but most strongly the negative effect of cracking is reflected directly on the price Binance Coin (BNB).

Prior to that the rising cost of BNB consistently went up, and on 20 April the price reached the ceiling of $26, then stopped. When it announced the hacking Binance hackers who stole Bitcoins worth $41 million, price BNB went from normal correction to a sharp dip down.

Now the price of tokens Binance is $18 with a market cap of $2.06 billion In 24 hours the price dropped by about 11%, whereas for the 7 days, a decline of approximately 22%.

Historical movement BNB

At the beginning of 2019 coin Binance (BNB) cost $6 and the market capitalization was just $785 million from this point, price has made a massive rise up to $26, which amounted to 330% growth.

Blockchain BNB during this period has undergone a number of significant improvements as a result of which the coin moved to its own network, paving the way for startup Binance Dex, who used the blockchain BNB and allow other coins to migrate to it.

The rapid rally for BNB over, after the break-in Binance. Now the fear surrounding the BNB, feels real, as evidenced by the decrease in prices. But all is likely to change over time.

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