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The crypto currency exchange HitBTC has introduced a new procedure of “know your customer” (KYC), which osypalis numerous complaints from users, some even calling her a fraud.

“It seems that @hitbtc decided to be a crook and steal the balance of the users (including me).”, — posted by bitcoin developer Luke dash Jr. in his Twitter account.

He has published a series of posts about what he went through, how the user HitBTC a while ago.

⚠This🔥Looks like @hitbtc have decided to go full scammer, and are stealing balances of users (including me).🔥⚠this

Probably a good idea to get anything you have off there, and take care not to use it.

(And as always, keep as little as possible on exchanges!)

— Luke Dashjr (@LukeDashjr) March 28, 2019

Over time, in response to complaints exchange reported that the dash problem was solved:

“We are pleased to announce that the full functionality of the account, Luke was restored. Our procedures AML/KYC does not require a long period of time when the user wishes to cooperate with our team.”

Users doubt the legitimacy requirements of the exchange

However, this question was still very far from complete. Another user reported that HitBTC has frozen around $12 000 of its funds, despite the fact that he provided all documents requested for verification.

He received a notice from HitBTC, which stated:

“The report on the source of funds should describe all the actions that you have performed with these tools before they are sent to HitBTC, for example, their sale, exchange, transfer from one address to another. Please provide the chain of events in chronological order. Please attach screenshots that confirm your every move”.

This unusual request additional information the user considers a violation of privacy rights and an attempt just to keep his money.

Other users reported similar things, at the same time claiming too slow responses from customer service that even took weeks.

hitbtc are you Ethic? I CAN NOT Withdraw my BITCOIN FROM 4 OF MAY 2019, YOU WILL REPLAY ME THE SAME. Hi Carlos, we are working on this issue. We’ll get in touch with you once there is an update AGAIN? pic.twitter.com/9SHWoQVhNI

— Carlos Leonardo Coro (@12345678910clc) May 15, 2019

It is still unclear whether excessive demands HitBTC KYC rules to be followed by the exchange, but it’s definitely not the only problem that users complain of the exchange.

They were also criticized for improper handling of tokens Maximine, which led to the fall in the price of the coin.

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