Hardwork Monero was successful and without interference


Today, the Monero team has launched a new upgrade of the network in which adjustments were made to the algorithm Proof-of-Work (PoW), fixed an exploit that could adversely affect the network, and have been raised to the level of confidentiality of transactions. It is reported that the entire operation was successful, although the price of Monero, apparently, since then, have not changed much.

Modernization was held yesterday at the block 1788000 and seems to have been completely successful. One of the main problems that had to be solved with the help of this fork is the PoW algorithm change that will increase the resistance of the network ASIC miners. This should make the network more decentralized and prevent specialized mining chips to dominate the playing field for mining cryptocurrency.

Other important network updates

Another important update is related to a discovered vulnerability, called “big bang attack”. The attack is connected with the feature of adjusting the size of the block in Monero, as in the case of the successful use hacker vulnerabilities, you can see the size of one pojavljajutsja block size up to 10 TB in just 2 days, effectively removing most of the nodes from the network. After this update, this attack is now impossible.

Finally, this update was introduced enter “dummy data” in every transaction for “increasing similarity” between them and enhance anonymity. The idea is to increase the difficulty of using any type of Analytics to determine any data about the transaction.

On the official page in Twitter the Monero team noted that while the complexity of the block will not have time to correct the time of its production will be a little slower.

Despite the impeccable hardwork and positive improvements, the price of Monero, very poorly reacted to the news, although few have risen 1.59 percent to $of 50.77. Such a small level of growth characteristic of the stock market today, however the successful completion of the fork should please the community.

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