Hardwork of Bitcoin Cash held, what to expect next?


The long-awaited hardwork the Bitcoin network, Cash has finally happened. The block chain was finally divided into two separate blockchain BCHABC and BCHSV.

While only a couple of kryptomere suggested that traders trade, and to obtain a complete picture of the upcoming situation, it is expected that after all the exchange will allow trading, it will be easier to see what the chain is dominant.

At the moment BCHABC, clearly dominates in the power of the hash and looks like a more preferable combination at impressive after a hard day. Preliminary trade data tokens made up 44% today, while BCHSV decreased to 58%

Both projects have a trading volume of over 4500 BTC on Poloniex. Currently support BCHABC is more than 47%, and BCHSV — almost 50%

The owners of BCH, most likely, will soon begin to dump their Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and the community will then be able to begin to decide the coin which network would be the dominant chain. The days ahead for Bitcoin network Cash promise to be very interesting, given the passions and the level of confrontation between the two sides of Roger’s faith and Craig Wright.

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