ICO can sell another 3 million ETH


Last week the ICO projects were sold at ETH $30 million, but in their bins they have about 3 million ETH $600 million.

According to many analysts, the fall of the ETH was the starting point for a thorough researchers reduce its price, which is associated with many causes.

Although the sale 153 500 ETH, probably, was not the only reason for the decline in the market Ethereum 20% over the previous seven days, but no one can deny that this “auction. ICO” is in this episode of the surrender of a significant place. In any case, there is “another explosive situation”, as the ICO project still has more than 3 million stored ETH.

What to expect Ethereum?

Many natural question arises what happens with Ethereum, if all of these projects decides to sell their scriptactive, not to keep them at least a certain time?

Fears over the fragility of the Ethereum confirmed recently provided analytical data made by Alex Kruger, the famous cryptanalyst, two weeks ago, where he noted that the lion’s share of DApps ETH are “CryptoKitties, fraudulent business models type of Ponzi and online gambling”, and all that remains from the application of crypto currency exchange is that 99% are centralized.

In any case it is clear that Ethereum is now one of the most debated issues in cryptosphere and the threat of the presence of an amount of funds in the hands of the ICO projects can not but arouse the fears of the crypto community.

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