In October, team NEO for the first time to visit Russia


To promote your own project team representatives project NEO for the first time intends to visit Russia.

The visit is scheduled for October 23 and the event will be held in Moscow, under the Russian project Streamity, which released a popular product StreamDesk, which is a decentralized application for cryptocurrency trading using smart contract NEO.

NEO is also called “Chinese Ethereum” because his team has ambitious plans over time to displace the second cryptocurrency of mass application for decentralised applications.

Among the keynote speakers are expected to be leaders in the development of projects and leading experts. Will consider a shared vision of the ecosystem, prospects for the development of NEO, as well as help team NEO in the promotion of new projects in the event of difficulties of the developers. Only scheduled performance of the 5 speakers.

NEO and his ambitious plans

Project NEO was created in 2014, but the greatest popularity he has received in 2015, after the initial sale of tokens, which had collected about $28 million of investment funds.

Today, the blockchain-the project has an active community in the world, and provides support to developers who use their blockchain for the digitalization of new assets and manage using smart contracts. As stated by the project team, their main goal is to create a new global model of financial-economic relations between people.

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