In Ukraine kidnapped CEO of a startup Cornerstone!


CEO of blockchain startups Cornerstone, Gregory Kucherov, was kidnapped in Ukraine in Kiev by unknown men at gunpoint, according to the publication CCN.

Blockchain startup, which is headed by the kidnapped, focused on work in the property industry, and in the project plans was to launch its own ICO in the near future.

CCN contacted the chief operating officer Fedor Martynov on the phone, asking to provide details of the incident.

According to Martynov, the company has already formed a certain capital during a private sale in the pre-ICO, so the local police believe that this could be the reason for the abduction. However, despite the fact that the kidnapping happened on Sunday, and so far the kidnappers have not appealed to Cornerstoneпо about redemption and did not put forward any requirements.

Ukraine is becoming a dangerous place for the development of blockchain startups

Martynov provided a edition of the video camera, where two people were Kucirkova forced at gunpoint to sit down in the van of Volkswagen car. Kiev police have refused to comment on the situation.

According to Martynov, Kucherov divides his time between new York and Kiev. He and his partners believe that the purpose of the kidnapping is linked to the potential value of a startup. Although the project is still in its early stages, it has the largest capacity in their opinion, since Cornerstone is committed to providing a way for ordinary people to invest in property with low entry fee.

Martynov and the team Cornerstone, the hope that media attention will help to get the police to take more active steps in the search for abducted and safely return Kucirkova home.

The incident is reminiscent of the kidnapping of Paul Lerner, CEO of crypto currency exchange, which was also kidnapped in Ukraine.

The kidnappers released Paul Lerner only after his family paid a ransom of $2 million, and he still considers complicit in the representatives of the security structures of the government.

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