Indian exchange ZebPay to bypass sanctions adds trading TrueUSD


The current ban on cooperation of banks with cryptomerias, created a lot of problems of Indian kriptonyte. The crypto currency exchange ZebPay has found an original solution to this issue, offering its users the trading TrueUSD.

Nice to see that Indian markets are not giving up and still trying to have a positive impact. Despite the ban of the Central Bank on any trading chart, how to buy Bitcoins and altcoins, it became clear that cryptocurrencies in the country are still losing popularity. Instead, demand for them began to grow even more rapidly.

Many exchanges were forced to make relatively unpopular decisions to remove all trading pairs with INR, and leaving for the moment only cryptocurrency pairs. This is especially difficult for beginners, which is becoming increasingly difficult to be able to buy Bitcoin and altcoins.

Finding solutions

Among other possibilities for captainvalor remains an OTC trade, which does not fall under the restricted sanctions of the Indian reserve Bank to trade in INR.

One of the options provided cryptocurrency exchange ZebPay, which is said about integration TrueUSD on the platform. Wallet ZebPay will support deposits and withdrawal TrueUSD that will give users access to purchase Bitcoin and altcoins, without direct use of rupees.

If other Indian crypto currency exchange will decide to go on the same principle of trade development, adding stabilini, the internal cryptocurrency trade will be intensified. At the present time, the ban remains in force because the Supreme court of India has not yet made a final decision on this issue.

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