Investors fear the big problems of the platform EOS


Investors and kryptonsite claim that EOS may be on the verge of collapse, as producers of blocks in big trouble, and the shadow SEC hanging over the project. Corey Miller, investment analyst at hedge Fund Blocktower, insists that instead of having to worry about the “spiral of death of Bitcoin”, cryptologist should, in fact, more likely to expect the explosion of the EOS, because the manufacturers supposedly blocks begin to close operations. Miller notes that in a survey of producers units EOS pointed out the approximate break-even cost of mining at $4.

How serious is the threat?

Given that the EOS at this stage, traded less than half of this value, only $1,92, almost certainly, a huge number of producers units of EOS or shut down production, or you can complete it in the near future. Miller said that 10% of producers units had closed, but recognizes that there is no way to confirm this figure.

Meanwhile, Charles Hoskinson, from the project Cardano, recently said Crypto Briefing that the SEC will likely impose “punitive” measures against the Block.One, given how they raised $4 billion during the ICO, which, according to Hoskinson, was conducted with “complete lack of respect” to the investors. Hoskinson, indicates that the project Block.One created, in fact, centralized infrastructure, and not without technical problems, which were designed to release the Block.One of the responsibility put on principals.

A crushing campaign against SEC ICO

However, SEC does its way for verification ICO and cryptomundo, and if EOS would be so problematic, as pointed out, Hoskinson, it would be difficult to protect yourself. It should be noted that this is not the first case when the EOS has been criticized by the crypto community, with statements that the EOS “is not even bloccano”. This causes significant damage to the public reputation of the project and that problems with the launch of their core network continue to regularly occur in most of the discussions platforms dApp.

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