ITBiometrics presented a hardware wallet for cold storage with special protection


Security company, ITBiometrics (ITB), specializing in biometric authentication, announced the release of a new solution to provide higher security wallet. The new hardware wallet with cold storage does not require owners of cryptocurrency use fingerprint instead of a PIN, password or even code phrases that are used in several signature applications.

Authentication ITB combines the use of heat, the sensitivity of the heart rate and fingerprint for identity verification. In combination with the patented encoding ITBiometrics offers a unique opportunity for safety and extended authorization for a wide range of industries.

ITBiometrics team led by CEO Andy Finch, President of RMI, consultant for start-UPS. Technical Director is Tony Zakula, the governing pentahotel for software development.

This system of safety of new cold wallets offers many benefits to users, relieving them from complex processes of remembering and storing a special password. And it does not reduce the level of protection of funds held in the purse, greatly improving safety.

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