Japanese bitcoin MonaCoin increased by 85%


Cryptocurrency Japanese project MonaCoin in recent days have shown incredible surge, at a time when the rest of the cryptocurrency market have experienced significant volatility to the downside. Today, Friday, price MONA has nearly tripled, from $1.09 to $to 3.08.

In the last two hours were lost part of the profits, but the cost still is $2,09, which shows an increase of 85% over the last 24 hours. This allowed the coin MONA to take 58th place in top 100 on Coinmarketcap.

The reason for the unexpected takeoff

The reason for such a takeoff MONA many consider the listing of cryptocurrencies in the Japanese licensed exchange CoinCheck, which received a license to operate in Japan earlier this year, despite the hacking and the theft of $530 million hackers in 2018.

Most of the current trading volume MONA falls on the stock exchange Bitbank paired with the Japanese yen. Tokens of MonaCoin project is also listed on Upbit and Bittrex.


— Coincheck(コインチェック) (@coincheckjp) May 31, 2019

MonaCoin is considered the Japanese version of the DogeCoin cryptocurrency and is considered the first official cryptocurrency in the country. Its logo depicts the popular Japanese cat. In fact, MonaCoin is hardwork network Litecoin that exists in 2014.

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