Japanese e-Commerce giant Rakuten creates a crypto currency exchange


The largest e-Commerce giant of Japan, firm Rakuten, announced its corporate restructuring and the opening of a crypto currency exchange that is managed by its new subsidiary, working with the means of payment.

Rakuten, which is also called the Japanese Amazon, of its intention of reorganization of subsidiaries originally announced in August last year, explaining their actions by the need to improve decision-making processes and structure of accountability.

Now the company announced the renaming of its subsidiary company Spotlight Inc in new division of Rakuten Payment, which will also manage a crypto currency exchange, the newspaper reports Cointelegraph Japan.

The increasing practical interest in Scripturally

The work of the restructured subsidiary Rakuten needs to be put into operation until April 1, according to a press release from the company.

After launching it will bring together the work of two offices: exchange cryptocurrencies Everybody’s Bitcoin, which Rakuten acquired in August of last year, and the service of the debit card Rakuten Edy.

As explained by the representatives of the company:

“We have reorganized the divisions of companies, to improve accountability, improve management efficiency and optimize the allocation of resources. Thus, we will continue to extend the Rakuten ecosystem and maximizing corporate value.”

The company over the past few years been interested in the cryptocurrency area, first deciding to accept Bitcoins (BTC) on its platform in 2015.

Practical interest to the industry show and other major Japanese Internet companies, such as SBI Group, which in addition to a private exchange also invests heavily in related blockchain technology startups.

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