Japanese self-regulating Association kryptomere new addition


After receiving permission to self-regulating the Japanese Association of kryptomere (JVCEA), previously numbering 16 members, supplemented by another five new exchanges.

According to the report, these new exchanges have not yet received official permission to work in Japan by the FSA, which means that while they will be in a self-regulatory Association as “members of the second level.”

Among the five new exchanges – Lvc Corp, Coinage Corp, Coincheck, Everybody Bitcoin and Lastroots. The last three at the moment are considered to be “dealers cryptocurrency” because the FSA has not yet approved their work with scriptactive.

In addition to the five listed above, earlier joined the crypto currency exchange Bit Trade service online trade Bit Bank Corporation and ATM manufacturer BitOcean.

Cooperation JVCEA and FSA

In October, the FSA gave the green light kriptonyte for self-regulation that has allowed the Japanese Association cripture “to control the operation of the trade digital assets on all exchanges in the country.”

After the proposal was accepted JVCEA can monitor and impose sanctions on all existing in the country of the exchange of digital currencies with the goal of creating a common regulatory framework for investor protection, while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. It’s a good idea, especially when you consider that the country is increasingly used fraudulent schemes and hacker attacks.

In addition to the publication of new guidelines for the management of cryptocurrency exchanges, the FSA intends to create a new system of regulation for cryptocurrency, given the fight against terrorism, money laundering and hacking.

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