joined eBay Enterprise Alliance Ethereum


One of the largest online auctions in the world with annual revenues of $10 billion and a profit of $2 billion, said on joining Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA).

At present, the Alliance has more than 500 members, including JP Morgan, MasterCard, Microsoft, Shell, AMD, Intel, and many others.

Previously, eBay owned payment service PayPal, which in 2015 was allocated in the independent company. It seems that now the company intends to use a new cryptocurrency payment options in its platform, and therefore decided to join the Alliance, but while the official reasons were not made.

New members of the Alliance

Also a member of the Alliance became the Taiwanese company Foxconn, with more than 1.3 million workers. This coincided with the opening of trump in Wisconsin Foxconn factory, worth $10 billion.

As a manufacturer, Foxconn may be interested in how effectively you can use contracts in a network for tracking in the supply chain, or verification.

One of the big four audit firms within PwC, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP also became a member of the Alliance along with previously joined Deloitte. Their interest in Ethereum could affect various activities, including tax and accounting advice.

The largest consortia

The addition of 70 new members this year, making the EEA the largest blockchain consortium in the world. The same is Hyperledger, who also added 11 new members, including Lenovo,, BGI Shenzen and four Chinese companies.

And EEA, and Hyperledger trying to achieve the improvement of the technology of the blockchain so it can be used to improve the various companies.

Hyperledger has built its own blockchain, and the EEA has created his own based on Ethereum, called Quorum.

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