Joseph Lubin: Casper is the most secure and will provide maximum decentralization


Co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), Joseph Lubin claims that the update Casper will bring greater security and decentralization.

Ethereum (ETH), the second largest cryptocurrency in the world ranking, has repeatedly appeared in the news due to its updates, such as Constantinople and Istanbu, and mentioned the upcoming fork Casper.

In his statement, Lubin said

“I’m not inclined to point out elements of the past and look at the errors, because, in my opinion, they are checkpoints in the learning curve that builds up momentum. A good example is that we are steadily moving towards a realization of those things that have been negotiated in 2014, namely that the ETH should be based on proof of PoS, which is an integral part of the development of Ethereum”.

The advantages and disadvantages of Casper

Lubin was of the opinion that the upcoming update Casper is not only safest, but also provide maximum decentralization, because they will not allow excessively to win a major validators. According to him, the barrier of entry to verify transactions will be low, which in turn will increase the level of its adoption. He assured users that they will be able to introduce Casper to any type of device with the added benefit of lower electricity consumption.

However, Casper has many critics, as evidenced by the statement of the Nash foster Pyrofex, who said that projects using this update, will never bring success.

Foster said:

“The problem with Casper is that its mechanism can be quite easy to stall. It’s like a kid who can’t decide between chocolate and vanilla ice cream for a long time pondering what he wants, while mom, in the end, will not shout on him so quickly made a decision. But the blockchain has no “mom” to do it, so the mechanism Casper elementary may get stuck.”

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