Joseph Lubin: forget about the price of Ethereum, the adoption of it is growing rapidly


At this time, remains the largest Ethereum blockchain project in the world and its adoption is growing exponentially, says Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum and founder of software blockchain industry ConsenSys based in new York. The company has about 1,000 developers that cater to the growing cryptocurrency market.

“The Blockchain is not only the stock market, and a whole movement, whose activity cannot be measured only by market capitalisation and there has been a rapid growth of decentralized networks,” — said the developer. Three main product Ethereum – Truffle, Infura and MetaMask, are the basis of the infrastructure supporting the asset:

  • Truffle is the basic platform for the development of new blockchain-based projects Ethereum.
  • Infura is an infrastructure node that handles requests for popular apps.
  • MetaMask — the most widely used purse for Ethereum and ERC20 working at Infura.

10 billion daily API requests at Infura, 1 million downloads on the Truffle and MetaMask clearly indicate the development of the project. And when you consider that the number of unique addresses Ethereum reached 48 million, and the offer of vacancies to LinkedIn increased by 3 times – it also shows the development of the project.

Despite the bear market, during which Ethereum has lost 92 percent of its value since the maximum take-off on 13 January, the user base of the block of the network is significantly increased and the supporting ecosystem infrastructure significantly strengthened.

Maintaining optimism about the prospects for the growth of Ethereum

Given that the Ethereum ecosystem continues to grow over the past eleven months, despite the bad position in terms of price, Lubin stated that there are prerequisites to remain optimistic about the long-term growth and future trends of Ethereum.

At that time, as a General trend of decreasing prices for Ethereum 2018 associated with the sale of its holdings in ICO projects, a recent report shows that the ICO is, in fact, still hold a large part of their assets in ETH.

In addition to a small part of the sold tokens ETH raised during the ICO, most of the projects seem to continue to hold a large portion of its assets in ETH.

Marat Garafutdinov, HASH analyst at CIB, said:

“Given all this, we are sure that the ICO responded to market conditions, not dictate them. Currently, their accounts remains less than 3.4% of the total supply Air. Our results were confirmed by individual researchers. And it contradicts some previously published reports, likely due to the fact that the reporters felt that all ETH was sold directly to projects.”

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