Joseph Lubin: Ripple is not a Blockchain technology


Co-founder of the second largest market capitalization of kriptoloji Ethereum, Joseph Lubin, in an interview with Bloomberg expressed his opinion about the technology of Ripple and the platform EOS.

Discussing the current state of the stock market Lubin gave an interesting features two large networks in cryptosphere, based on certain indicators, which, in his opinion, do not correspond to the main ideas of cryptanalytic and decentralization of the market.

Interesting feedback about the competitors

Speaking about networks and protocols which could be decentralized or high speed network, about the Ripple, he deadpanned:

“Ripple is not really the Blockchain technology, but rather, simply a kind of payment system, so it is difficult to consider as a really serious competitor”.

About EOS he noted that perhaps a bit, there is present a decentralized approach to system building the Blockchain, but it’s hard to call it a decentralized system of decision-making, which depends on twenty-one representative, well-knowing each other.

“EOS is an interesting technology, but incredibly dangerous to treat it as a technology first level,” he continued.

Ripple promotes the adoption of its token on the stock exchanges

However, it should be noted that the cryptocurrency Ripple is a huge blockchain startup from San Francisco, in cooperation with who are interested in many banks and companies.

Recently the company has signed a partnership agreement with three leading stock exchanges Bittrex, Bitso Mexican and Philippine Coins.Ph, where the token XRP will be presented in pair with the U.S. dollar. It has given the rising cost of cryptocurrency by 9.78% in the last 24 hours.

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