Justin San instead of cars Tesla sends to each winner is $28 000


After the scandal in the community of the TRON project has provided evidence that CEO Justin San awarded the winners of the raffle of the Tesla, sending them $28 000. However, as noted by many, these funds are insufficient even to buy the simplest model of Tesla.

Drawing the Tesla from the beginning has been surrounded by controversy. During the drawing of Twitter fails, which announced the winner before the official start of the drawing, with the result that there are a lot of rumors about rigging of the contest. To show their good intentions, the project has decided to give two cars, one to the winner of the first drawing and the second is the winner of the other, more transparent, drawing.

The community is dissatisfied with the award of the TRON participants

Last weekend one of the winners posted on Reddit a message that two months later he still has not received the Tesla. The community protested in full force, saying that it was bad for the dignity and reputation of the TRON project, since the problem has not been resolved.

Today on Twitter San wrote that both winners received a prize TRX in the amount of $28 000, which is “the equivalent price of Tesla”.

To bring more transparency to #TRON community, I want to congratulate @LeoHuynhPro, the winner of 28,000 #of USD that is equivalent to #Tesla price, thank you for your support to #TRON, and wish the community members all the best! #TRX $TRX https://t.co/d4IsL3uRhg

— Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) May 13, 2019

I’m also glad to announce the 2nd winner @uzgaroth of #Tesla giveaway. 28,000 $USD value of #TRX had been transferred to his wallet, all the documents were compliant. #TRON keeps up to the promises, and keeps delivering the results. Stay with us for more exciting news on the way. https://t.co/UwmT3yrifL

— Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) May 13, 2019

Thus, the problem of allocating the prize was solved, but the discussion did not end there. Many people said that for $28,000 to buy a Tesla in General is very difficult. The Tesla model 3 in the basic Assembly will cost about $40 000. They accused the project and Sana in deceptive and false promises that the project is not completed.

Really? A Tesla model 3 will cost close to 40,000 USD.

You say that you’re a big fan of Tesla but you don’t even know the correct price for a Tesla Model 3?

This just proves even more that the giveaway was fake all along which is pretty sad considering how rich you are
👇👇👇 pic.twitter.com/WuHp2dYrE5

— XRPcryptowolf (@XRPcryptowolf) May 13, 2019

Which Tesla are you referring to?
Tesla Model S At $76,000 — $133,000
Tesla Model X $82,000 — 138,000
Tesla Model 3 At $35,000
Those are the US prices, in Europe, they are even more expensive, not mentioning Singapore (Tax as you know)

— Sertscho (@sertscho_fruta) May 13, 2019

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