Kaspersky lab has confirmed the transition of cyber criminals from extortion to cryptojacking


According to a report released by world renowned cyber security company “Kaspersky Lab”, there was a significant quantitative shift from attack-related extortion, malicious software kriptomayning. The report argues that this type of attack, as cryptojacking, opened more opportunities for hackers, and that was the reason for the decline in the spread of viruses demand a ransom.

In 2017, the virus, known as WannaCry caused chaos after hacking several government organizations, including several hospitals and the National health service in the UK. Entering through an exploit Microsoft Windows, the virus blocked all user files on computers, demanding payment in Bitcoins to unlock.

However, the report notes that this is likely a temporary spike than a trend:

“The total number of users who are faced with redemption, decreased by almost 30%, from 2.58 million for the 2016-2017 year to 1.81 million in the 2017-2018 year. A significant decrease of 22.5%, was due to the increase in the number of attacks on mobile devices”.

The reasons for the changing trends

The report also stated that the number of users who faced malicious miners over the past year increased by 44.5%. Factors such as a simple model of production, independence of operation, the ease of creating these miners contributed to the release of unauthorized kriptomayning in the more profitable segment of attacks, compared to extortion.

The report says that the figures demonstrate the increased growth of mining on mobile devices that has become a real threat for developing countries, the three leaders among which include Venezuela, Myanmar and Nepal.

Similar studies conducted by the American cyber security firm McAfee, has also been a marked increase in malware activity associated with the kriptomayning. The report claimed that the number of such attacks in the first quarter of 2018, increased by more than 600%.

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