Kazakhstan has all chances to become a global hub for mining Bitcoins


For Kazakhstan, which has created an international financial centre “Astana” (IFCA), it is important not to lag behind other countries in the field of scriptaction, writes the local edition of Forbes. But the centre relies on traditional banks, seeing prospects, which you can open with the blockchain-companies.

New technology block networks is an innovative solution with great potential for the creation of new principles of functioning of the economic and financial systems. It is more and more proving its benefits, and the ability to take a leading position in the economic reality of tomorrow’s world and Kazakhstan.

However, the government and the national Bank still can’t define their position towards cryptocurrencies and this is a problem in many countries. In April, the head of the national Bank actually threatened to issue a decree forbidding any use of scriptaction, including mining, because they have a negative effect on the economy.

Learning from best practices can open up new perspectives

According to the representatives of the local crypto community to successfully promote the mission entrusted to it, the leadership of the IFCA would do well to study the experience of Malta, which became the center for the adoption of blockchain-companies and kriptonyte, especially after the opening of the country to the headquarters of crypto currency exchange Binance. Malta has the highest in the EU, the employment rate of the population, the growth of which during the first quarter of this year amounted to 5.3%. The crypto currency exchange Binance today has an income greater than the largest Bank in the world – Deutsche Bank.

The low cost of electricity and the convenient geographical position, can contribute to transform Kazakhstan into a global mining hub for mining Bitcoins, where the IFCA may establish an international centre of cryptocurrency exchanges.

The local leadership did not come to a consensus about cryptocurrency and block technologies. Most banks in Kazakhstan has no clear strategy for the implementation of the blockchain, while many global banks are actively involved in studying it and exploring the possibility of using.

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