KickICO hacked by $7.7 million, but all losses are restored


According to the official company statement Kick, the ICO project, created on the Ethereum blockchain was hacked and stolen about 70 million tokens KICK, which made $7.7 million loss.

According to the report, the security breach took place on July 26 at 09:04 UTC, with the result that hackers can successfully access the smart contract and KICK the tokens platform KickICO.

Hackers stole tokens from 40 locations, destroying them and created the other 40 address, transferring the corresponding sums, so the total number of tokens Kick has not been changed.

The team learned about the incident after complaints from several investors who have not found their tokens in the amount of $800 thousand in their wallets.

The funds will be restored

It is reported that KickICO regained control of the intellectual contract and had replaced the private key is the key of the cold wallet, which helped to secure the project funds and user attachments. Representatives KickICO ensured that all stolen funds will be returned to purses. Affected users should send an email to “to return the funds to the wallets.”

“We will return the exact number of stolen tokens to their rightful owners. We apologize for the inconvenience, but guarantee that the situation is under control,” it said in a statement.

Team KickICO believes that the attack may have been triggered by “explosive” growth rates KickCoins that occurred over the past few weeks, when KickCoins “tripled” in price from 4 to 12 cents.

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