Korean Shinil Group does not confirm the presence of gold on the cruiser “Dmitry Donskoy”


Shinil Group, said earlier about the sensational discovery of the sunken in 1925, the Russian battle cruiser “Dmitry Donskoy”, near the Korean island of Ulleungdo, now announced the distortion by the press of their information.

At a press conference today they stated that they have no data about the presence of gold on the cruiser, as well as the amount of it. The responsibility for the inflation of rumors lies on the local media, though before this they themselves showed videos of the sunken Russian ship.

Shinil Group confused in their own statements

The ship was discovered at a depth of 434 m and, according to earlier statements Shinil Group on Board can be about 5,500 boxes filled with gold coins and gold worth more than $130 billion.

The company said that they intend by the end of the year to raise the ship, but after the indignation of the Russian side were forced to abandon their earlier statements. Moreover, it was noted that the company Shinil Group, promising to release tokens Shinil Gold Coin against the security of the treasures with the “Dmitry Donskoy” they have no relationship.

Director Shinil Group, it was stated that the ship is of great historical value that simply cannot be expressed in money. Additionally, he confirmed that the ship really found the boxes, but their contents aren’t known.

Suspected fraudulent scheme

Lifting preliminarily estimated at 30 billion won ($26 million). Nevertheless, Shinil Group claims the treasure from the “Dmitry Donskoy”, despite the claims on it and the Russian side intends to raise the ship, after receiving the documents.

Despite numerous promises to “shake the world” and showcase unique finds from the ship, at the press conference, nothing was shown. Representatives Shinil Group was able only to demonstrate a model of the “Dmitry Donskoy”, built in wood under glass. Also cancelled and it was announced on July 30 an exhibition of things found on a ship near ulleung-do island.

Committee for financial control being tested Shinil Group, including all those involved in this story, because there is a suspicion that all this looks like a fraudulent scheme proverennoi to deceive potential investors.

The Russian government has stated that the cruiser belongs to the Russian Federation and shall be a military burial, because any work can be carried out only after receiving official permission of the Russian authorities.

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