Kucoin increase limits for past clients KYC


The crypto currency exchange Kucoin decided to please its customers, saying that the last identification in accordance with the requirements of the KYC get a reward of being able to withdraw large amounts of money than customers who have not complied with the KYC.

At that time, as most exchanges now do not force customers to place identification in accordance with KYC, the ability to confirm customer data provides an additional level of security for exchange. However, most traders prefer to remain anonymous.

The requirement KYC means “Know your customer”, and this process includes confirmation of the user’s personal data in accordance with which usually required to provide identification documents, and sometimes proof of residence in a certain place, according to the account information.

The last bounty for KYC customers

Now Kucoin announced that from November 1, customers who made up to this time the passage of KYC, you will be able to withdraw up to 100 BTC in 24 hours. Past KYC, institutional clients will be able to remove 500 BTC per day. Customers that have not been KYC, will be able to withdraw 2 BTC in 24 hours.

As reported on the stock exchange, everyone can pass the KYC procedure for this in your account on Kucoin should just click the tab for KYC checks, then simply follow the instructions. Confirmation of compliance KYC shall be held within five days after filing.

At the same time on Kucoin noted that “the KYC verification is optional and customers who have not passed it may use their accounts and trade without any restrictions.

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