Ledger intends to conduct a new stage of attracting investments


Ledger, the most popular manufacturer of hardware cryptocell, intends to hold a next round investment.

Over the past 2017, the company managed to sell about 1 million of their devices and to the profit of $ 29 million

In the previous funding round, which was held in January this year as part of a series B, was attracted by the investment of funds in the amount of $ 75 million Among the participants of this round can be noted such a large venture company as FirstMark Capital, Draper Esprit, Cathay Innovation, Draper Venture Capital Network and Korelya.

Each round of financing is designed for a certain group of investors

A new round of funding attracted to the Ledger known companies such as Google and the tech giants Samsung and Siemens.

As noted by Pascal Gauthier, President of the Ledger, the January round were deliberately designed for the venture capitalists with which the company was able to more successfully develop its business. A new round of financing designed to attract representatives of the industrial sector, which can enter into commercial contracts that can give new impetus to the development of a startup.

According to analysts, the involvement of large investors, the capitalization of the Ledger may reach $ 1 billion.

It should be noted that the products of the French startup Ledger running in 2015 was a worthy challenge to the developers of SatoshiLabs created earlier crypto best wallet.


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