Line Pay Corporation has partnered with VISA for a new FINTECH services


Line Pay Corporation announced the collaboration with VISA to develop a new blockchain solutions, claiming that with the new partnership they will be able to reach 187 million people in different parts of the world. In addition, the two companies will work on the new blockchain solution for business-to-business payments.

Recently, Visa unveiled its new platform Next Visa, which is intended for participants in the Visa ecosystem for the production of digital maps on demand and add digital services.

At the moment Line Pay also has the option to use a VISA card, but the buyer must be located in the place where the seller is also taking Line Pay. This deprived the customers Line of the ability to use their services outside of Japan.

However, thanks to a new partnership Line Pay is hoping to expand its audience. Now Line Pay out at a fairly competitive market, which currently belongs to Google Pay and Apple Pay. Given that the Line is very popular among the Japanese, and now this new feature will allow all Japanese to make payments using Line Pay anywhere in the world where VISA is accepted.

Line Pay Corporation and its own cryptocurrency

Line Pay released its own cryptocurrency called LINK at the end of summer 2018. In September, the token immediately appeared on the exchange of digital assets BitBox, which Line Pay Corporation launched in June 2018.

The interesting aspect was that the company did not carry out ICO, but instead used the airdrop. This was done in order to provide the users of Line Pay cryptocurrency LINK as compensation for using the products in the ecosystem Line.

Since Line Pay is closely associated with cryptocurrencies, this partnership with VISA includes the development of new digital payments and blockchain solutions. Most likely this will occur through the use of cryptocurrencies Line Corporation LINK, since one of the main goals is the use of alternative currency cross-border payments on the basis of technology of the blockchain.

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