Major Brazilian investors are looking for storage for their scriptaction


Some of the Brazilian whale and captainvalor believe the best protection against theft of cryptocurrency is not only a strong password but also a real physical store.

To protect their digital assets, the Brazilian captainvalor turned to private companies that offer reliable storage for cryptocurrencies. A growing number of thefts of bitcoin has forced major owners to transfer their assets in cold storage and place them in safes.

A few companies are willing to offer their services to investors for the safe storage of cryptocurrency in the country. Some of the stores conjure up images from the movie “Mission impossible”. The vaults are protected, access is possible through seven armored and reinforced doors that can be opened only by using the biometric data of the authorized persons. There are scanners of the palms, which reads up to 5 million individual points on the hand, and then check the blood flow through infrared waves.

Investors fear not only hackers, but armed bandits

The cost of the cell can vary from $50 to several hundred dollars a month, depending on the type of service. Despite the relatively high price, many are willing to pay that kind of money because crypto-thieves are becoming more brazen, to take possession of the cryptocurrency. So on December 29 last year, the owner KriptoBR, the company is the official supplier of hardware wallets in Brazil, was attacked at home by armed bandits, who took 150 units Ledger Nano’s and 35 best wallet Model T.

At the time, usually to steal cryptocurrency requires knowledge of computer systems to break into, thieves are now increasingly turning to traditional methods of extorting money. This includes the abduction and torture of well-known holders of the cryptocurrency, yet they will not surrender and will not tell their private keys.

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