Make-A-Wish Foundation has become the latest victim of malware cryptojacking


Use of names of famous people to create fake accounts on Twitter is one thing, but the introduction of malware for mining cryptocurrency on the web site of a charitable organization is quite another. Edition The Hard Fork is reported that the official website of Make-A-Wish Foundation has become the latest victim of a malicious cryptojacking.

Researchers from Trustwave found that one of the sites of the Foundation was compromised mining script called CoinImp that captures the computational power of the user for mining cryptocurrency.

According to researchers, the site was vulnerable because the owners have not updated the content management system Drupal. At the moment, they note that the malicious script is deleted from a web site.

Number of hacking web sites grows

The frequency of hacking web sites to implement cryptojacking increased significantly over the past year, and, it seems, no one web site cannot be guaranteed to be protected from viruses.

According Hard Fork, hackers were able to use for mining about 400 large sites from using them on older versions of Drupal. Including the website of the National Council on labour relations US, Chinese tech company Lenovo, Taiwanese network hardware manufacturer D-Link and the University of California.

In the September report, cyber security experts from McAfee Labs was otmechali that in the first half of 2018 appeared about 2.5 million new cases of malware infection of a kriptomayning.

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