Max Keiser believes that BSV will lose 90% of the current value


Co-founder of crypto-currency venture Fund Heisenberg Capital, Max Keiser created a poll in his Twitter account about which of the three cryptocurrencies: BSV, BCH and XRP will lose 90% of their current value before. In his opinion, it primarily will happen with the SV Bitcoin and this coin waiting for the mandatory loss of value.

As noted by Kaiser, “the BSV is only a madman, leading the project,” the Ripple, at least, is the technical Director. Perhaps this argument has to do with his earlier communication that he had with the technical Director of Ripple, David Schwartz, once in one of his messages stated that the coin GlobalCoin Facebook destroyed many altcoins, among which was mentioned as tokens XRP.

David Schwartz disagreed and gave well-reasoned arguments of why Ripple run GlobalCoin from Facebook poses no threat.

Results of the survey have not been announced yet

Also unclear is whether “choice” Keyser BSV as an outsider was the result of an earlier survey, but at least 62% of the participants agreed that BSV will lose 90% of its current value among the first, at the time, as 23% voted for XRP, and only 15% for BCH.

At the time of writing was was 2523 to vote and to end voting there are 13 hours left.

Which one of these is most likely to lose 90% from current value first?

— Max Keiser, tweet poet. (@maxkeiser) June 9, 2019

This time, Schwartz was not able to Express their opinion, because, apparently, as pointed out by one of our subscribers, Keiser has blocked it.

A CTO who you blocked you punk

— Ken (@DLTKen) June 9, 2019

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