McAfee Labs reports that new malware “WebCobra”


Cybersecurity experts from McAfee Labs warned of a newly discovered Russian malware Cryptojacking called “WebCobra”.

According to the vendor in the field of Internet security McAfee Labs, new malware, called “WebCobra” and originating from Russia, secretly uses your device for mining Monero or zcash for.

And, if you find the classic version, the so-called malware Cryptojacking, it is possible quickly enough, WebCobra works, almost without leaving a trace, according to McAfee Labs. The only thing that might indicate his presence, so that the performance of the device. “Maliciously mining it is difficult to detect because the hacker application works quietly in the background and give it can exclusively deterioration in performance,” write the researchers.

Russian virus “WebCobra”

For the first time this was common in Russia, and experts suggest the development of it also belongs to Russian hackers. Feature “WebCobra” is the factor that it is adapted to adapt the configuration of any computer. Subsequently, he managed to find in various parts of the world.

The number of such malicious programs during the past period of this year increased by almost 500%, and leading security experts warn about their growth. It is reported that Monero as the zcash for cryptocurrency focused on anonymity, are preferred for these miners.

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