Microsoft enters into partnership agreement to promote the Blockchain in Taiwan


Microsoft Taiwan has signed a partnership agreement with Digital China and Hot Cool to use blockchain technology to improve financial activities in the field of e-Commerce, entertainment and other industries.

San Dicang, head of the division of Microsoft Taiwan, said:

“Taiwan has excellent engineering and technical experts, and their innovative thinking should not be underestimated. At the same time it created a strong production and research base. In addition to an excellent geographical location with excellent conditions for the development of new solutions for modular networks will create new tools for Microsoft, in a strategic partnership, with the support of partners that will open up new opportunities for industrial applications of the blockchain”.

Chinese Microsoft partners

Sun Yutao, founder, Digital China, called “the Creator of Goldman Sachs on the blockchain”. However, the company actually was born out of Legend Group, which in 2001 was renamed Lenovo. Actively fascinated by the study of the technology of the blockchain in 2014, WTO actively explores how you can apply innovative technology in various fields such as Internet of things (IoT), biotechnology and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve business.

He sees this collaboration as a chance to empower the blockchain technology to the Taiwan market.

The Hot Cool company, provider of cloud management (MSP), acts as a technical facilitator for corporate and government cloud providers. Hot Cool helps users to get easy access to computer services.

Not all the details have been published regarding the specifics of this partnership. But it’s the second partnership with Microsoft, announced in June. The first was signed with Ernst & Young, to establish rights in the content on the blockchain.

Although bill gates had previously been not very positive about Bitcoin, considering that cryptocurrency is guilty of drug trafficking and the deaths they incur. However, his Corporation is actively interested in the technology block of the networks and the perspectives they can give.

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