Miners are outraged by the latest developments as Bitmain – AntMiner B3


Company Bitmain, the largest manufacturer of equipment for Minin, was heavily criticized in connection with the quality of its recent developments – AntMiner B3.

According to the official report of the company on WeChat recently released 25 APR new Antminer for mining token network Bytom (BTM). demonstrates much worse performance than was indicated in its characteristics. Miner came just a day after the launch of the core network Bytom. The cost of equipment was $2600 or 17,000 yuan. The first batch of 25 000 was implemented in a matter of seconds after the start of the sale.

The claimed features were greatly exaggerated

According to the technical characteristics of the device, it stated the computing power equal to 750 H/s, but the assurances buyers, Bitmain has significantly overstated the figure.

The conflict arose immediately after the first testing of Chinese miners, which is claimed 750 m/s was able to produce no more than 500-600 H/s, resulting in a critical impact on the calculated profit.

Given that the complaints were widespread, the miners formed a group in WeChat, where has strongly expressed his opinion on AntMiner B3.

Social networks also began to spread rumors that the production of B3, the company used the b/y components. Dissatisfied with the device users have demanded from the manufacturer to the return of their funds, and even a group of 10 buyers came to the office Bitmain in Beijing, to find a solution to this problem. Despite the small size of the group throughout the meeting was attended by police, to prevent a scuffle between the representatives of the manufacturer and indignant buyers.

The company refuses to return the money

The group of negotiators failed to achieve what the company has committed to fix the problem with a low computational power device, but refused to return the money.

One of the local Newspapers was published information that at the conclusion of the ongoing internal investigation the company had to recognize the existence of problems in individual devices B3, but company representatives said that the number of such devices was not more than 1% of the released parties. At the same time Bitmain calls false accusations that the production of data miners, the company used old parts that were in use.

“Mining equipment can be considered an investment product… Because profits and price cryptotoken is based on the dynamics of the market, we cannot guarantee a certain profit,” said company representatives.

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