Miners of Bitcoin insist that the production will use renewable clean energy


Bitcoin miners at the summit Fidelity took the opportunity to defend himself, the arguments justifying environmental safety of the industry, saying that they contribute to the development of clean energy.

As you know, Fidelity is actively involved in the bitcoin industry. The company recently launched Bitcoin Digital Assets Services, which handles digital currencies for institutional clients.

This time, instead of a brief history and overview of mining Bitcoins, Fidelity invited speakers who defended the mining industry, trying to disprove the widespread belief that, Bitcoin mining consumes a significant amount of electricity (about 0.26% of total world consumption), which is expressed Diginocomist. This has led many to come to the conclusion that mining is environmentally hazardous and poses a threat.

In cryptodevice dominated by renewable energy

John Belizar, CEO of Soluna, said:

“The miners are constantly searching for cheaper energy and therefore are a catalyst for the development of renewable energy, for which future.”

Soluna is building the wind farm, which will supply not only its own Bitcoin miners, but also the energy system of the country.

Nuclear energy also can be used for Bitcoin mining in the future. In addition, it is argued that mining the cryptocurrency may provide a and more will accelerate the construction of renewable energy sources.

According to a study conducted by Chris Bendiksen, head of the research Department CoinShares, in almost all the regions where active mining of cryptocurrencies is dominated by the use of energy from renewable sources.

“The widespread opinion that Bitcoin is mainly produced from dirty Chinese coal, is not true,” he said.

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