Mining company Hut 8 became the largest in Canada


Mining company Hut 8, responsible for the mining of Bitcoin, with headquarters in Toronto, has announced the completion of its second mining farm in Canada. After opening the second site in Medicine, which will be launched before September, joining the already existing farm in the town of Drumheller, Hut 8 is the world’s largest mining pool with open access.

Launched thanks to a partnership with BitFury, the mining industry has brought to the company Hut 8 around 1900 Bitcoin (BTC), since its initial launch in December last year, the report says.

Canadian mining farm is ready to compete with Chinese giants

Successful cooperation BitFury and Hut 8 more diversifitsirovat market of Bitcoin mining, which still dominated the Chinese company Bitmain. Hut 8, the President and CEO of Andrew Kiguel said:

“Thanks to the total operating capacity at 66.7 MW we can assume that are the largest miner on cryptodevice in Canada and the most powerful in the world.”

This year Canada has become an attractive environment for major representatives of the mining industry. The first attempts of the authorities of the province of Quebec to attract cryptainerle company in your region has met considerable resistance from local politicians who have criticized these companies for lack of “value” to the local economy.

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