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BitMEX was accused of market manipulation after the translation of 18 000 Bitcoins

A large number of Bitcoins in the amount of 18 000 was transferred to the purse, which is believed to belong BitMEX. And it happened just a few hours before Bitcoin started to recover after falling below $6 000. A large..

The decline of the stock market did not affect the daily influx of users...

The last months in the cryptocurrency market saw significant price fluctuations, so many of the users have become more balanced approach to the issues of criptionveterinary. They do not tend to rush to invest in cryptocu..

Ukraine intends to accept the cryptocurrency as a financial instrument

Ukrainian financial regulator can accept cryptocurrency as a financial instrument, equating them to the stock, bills and bonds, reports the edition UNN. This news came from the head of the national Commission on securiti..

Airlines are increasingly interested in blockchain technology

To improve security, to expand the loyalty programme and reservation system, and the effectiveness of flow control – all of these benefits airlines hope to obtain with the use of Blockchain technology. Now most of the a..

The crypto currency exchange BiteBTC intends to change the jurisdiction of

Newly launched cryptocurrency exchange BiteBTC, registered in Singapore, has announced that it intends to find more friendly to her customers jurisdiction. According to the team BiteBTC, all attempts of negotiations wit..