Mining pool BitPico advanced threats of the Bitcoin network Cash


If the entire crypto community at the hearing are the largest mining pools like AntPool, BTCChina, F2Pool and something about the pool BitPico almost few people know. He didn’t even place in the top 20 by volume Hasrat.

However, this did not prevent a little-known team to declare itself publicly threatening to attack 51% of the blockchain the Bitcoin Cash. Initially, the miners are planning to make a massive DDoS attack on the blockchain, and in September to attack the network.

This information was posted on the official page in Twitter BitPico with bold statements on the preparation of absolute chaos in the block Bitcoin network Cash, which will be developed incrementally as the number of attacking nodes and Roger bring Faith to hysteria.

The threat of rogue

Miners are a rogue, as they call themselves team BitPico, in November last year has already resolved to complete the implementation SegWit2x, claiming to own 30% Hasrat network of Bitcoin. Then they abandoned this idea, and recently was involved in a DDoS attack on the Lightning Network, later sharing the exploit with the team LN-Protocol.

Now BitPico declare close cooperation with the creators of Lightning Network to verify the system for any potential vulnerability.

The miners said that you previously created for the stress test LN-Protocol solution now will migrate to attack the block chain Bitcoin Cash, assuring that they have enough capacity for the organization of a collapse in the network BCH. At first, they will hold a series hardporno, then to carry out the attack 51%.

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